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Our passion is to actively stand by our people, our customers and our collaborators. Our ever-growing product range provides solutions for building projects of all shapes and sizes. We thrive on giving our customers exactly what they want and our comprehensive range of products is designed to do just this. Whatever the requirement, there is sure to be something to fit the bill.

Being there to help the customers, the company provides detailed technical manuals and illustrations and collates information to give a full theoretical and technical understanding of the chosen system.


We provide an array of customised and compatible Modernisation Services for the renewal of lifts, ranging from component upgrades and replacements to full or partial modernisation and special solutions. Renowned for quality and flexibility, our range of customised MOD Kits offer multiple modernisation solutions. MOD Kit components can also be selected separately depending on the unique requirements of each project.

The AXM Modernisation Services department is staffed by highly experienced design and modernisation specialists who will guide you every step of the way, whether your project requires additional safety features, improved efficiency or an aesthetic make-over.

A wide international network of suppliers ensures speed and energy efficiency and cost-saving whilst enabling MOD kits to be tailored to each specific project. 

New Installation

When it comes to installing your equipment, our goal is to keep everything tidy and efficient so that all personnel get their work done safely and on schedule.

Service & Maintenance

Whatever brand or type of equipment you have, with AXM you can count on maintenance expertise that will keep it running smoothly and safely for its entire lifespan – and a customer experience that is second to none.


AXM modernisation solutions are tailored to your exact needs, ranging from component upgrades to full replacement of existing equipment, as well as retrofit installations. Their purpose is simple – to keep your equipment running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building.

Elevator Replacement

Full elevator replacement is the best option if your elevator is 25 years old or more, if it is often out of order, or if it takes a long time to travel between floors. Elevator replacement is also the best option if you have a small, cramped car and heavy manual doors that make it difficult for some people to access and use.


We operated in many cities serving multiple customers in India.

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